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Sunday, February 27, 2011

oh so long week and winters still hanging on

I still have not gotten used to not working at the restaurant on weekends. I just feel like I should be grumpily cooking, perhaps setting my kitchen rag on fire or something like that. It has been good for me tho, one of my co-workers commented last night that I seem happier not working so much.  The burnt-out feeling is ever so slowing going away. Perhaps someday I will enjoy cooking again. But for now its just away to pay the bills. Tho work did inspire a little mini comic, hop over to the Project List and check it out(you like it I'm sure of it). I brought some copies into work to share with my co-works, they loved it. I love watching people read my comics. It's satisfying to watch them smile and laugh at the right places.

On the subject of comics, I'm a little stalled with Corpse and Cupcakes. I need the first issue to be longer and I have a bit of writers block. I have an idea of where I want to go i just cant seem to get there so I sit at my desk every morning and write, even if I do just end up scribbling it out. I guess thats all part of the process. I'm still hopeful that I will be able to have it finished soon. I only really need about 15 more pages and need to introduce another character and add some violence.

I've been working on a new painting which is coming a long quite well i think. Also my TV tray was boring so I started a painting on that as well. Painting on wood is a lot different than painting on canvas, its smoother, I kinda like it.

I wonder how many projects i can have going at one time :) hehehe
I think thats why I don't mind the winter so much this year. I'm doing so much that nice weather would just be a distraction. But I am getting a little bit of cabin fever. I've been having this strong desire to go hiking, to spend time in the woods. I'm working on getting myself in better shape so that I can do more hiking and camping this summer. There's something wonderful about hiking a mountain... and its not all about getting to the top either. I don't know its an indescribable feeling, it makes me happy on the same level that my art does. I wish more people in  my life shared that same love with me. Its hard to find people who love to hike.  I'd love to do a multiple day camping/hiking trip this year, THAT would be a great vacation. *sigh*  

Well, on that note I am going to make myself some popcorn and sit down to a movie!

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