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Sunday, February 27, 2011

oh so long week and winters still hanging on

I still have not gotten used to not working at the restaurant on weekends. I just feel like I should be grumpily cooking, perhaps setting my kitchen rag on fire or something like that. It has been good for me tho, one of my co-workers commented last night that I seem happier not working so much.  The burnt-out feeling is ever so slowing going away. Perhaps someday I will enjoy cooking again. But for now its just away to pay the bills. Tho work did inspire a little mini comic, hop over to the Project List and check it out(you like it I'm sure of it). I brought some copies into work to share with my co-works, they loved it. I love watching people read my comics. It's satisfying to watch them smile and laugh at the right places.

On the subject of comics, I'm a little stalled with Corpse and Cupcakes. I need the first issue to be longer and I have a bit of writers block. I have an idea of where I want to go i just cant seem to get there so I sit at my desk every morning and write, even if I do just end up scribbling it out. I guess thats all part of the process. I'm still hopeful that I will be able to have it finished soon. I only really need about 15 more pages and need to introduce another character and add some violence.

I've been working on a new painting which is coming a long quite well i think. Also my TV tray was boring so I started a painting on that as well. Painting on wood is a lot different than painting on canvas, its smoother, I kinda like it.

I wonder how many projects i can have going at one time :) hehehe
I think thats why I don't mind the winter so much this year. I'm doing so much that nice weather would just be a distraction. But I am getting a little bit of cabin fever. I've been having this strong desire to go hiking, to spend time in the woods. I'm working on getting myself in better shape so that I can do more hiking and camping this summer. There's something wonderful about hiking a mountain... and its not all about getting to the top either. I don't know its an indescribable feeling, it makes me happy on the same level that my art does. I wish more people in  my life shared that same love with me. Its hard to find people who love to hike.  I'd love to do a multiple day camping/hiking trip this year, THAT would be a great vacation. *sigh*  

Well, on that note I am going to make myself some popcorn and sit down to a movie!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back on the interwebz

Well, Well it sure has been a while since I draged myself away from my work and to the computer. It's been quite a winter so far. But this year I really don't mind all the snow and the cold. It's mostly because with all this "lovely" winter weather I dont feel the urge to go out side away from my art.

I'm still slogging away at 3 jobs, the restaurant, the coffee shop, and MY business. I'm defiantly feeling it. That awful burnt out feeling, and my art production is starting to slow. Hopefully that'll change soon since I dropped a shift at both the restaurant and the coffee shop.  In fact this weekend will be the first time in oh, 4 years that I'll be having weekends off. As someone who's working in restaurants so long that seems strange to me. But you know, I think I'll manage ;)

So back towards the end of december I started an ambitious project which has been taking up a LOT of my time. I began to write and draw my first full length comic book; Corpses and Cupcakes. A story about Aurora, a baker who can make sweets so tasty even the gods drool. But baking isn't the only thing she does well, Aurora is also a powerful Mambo(a voodoo priestess) and things get a little out of control when she starts making zombies to work in her bakery. Issue one should be between 35 and 40 pages, I'm currently drawing page 21. I had hoped to have issue 1 done today but I over estimated the time I'd have to spend on this project. So the deadline is now pushed back a month. I was hoping to have an issue out every two months... but now I see that is a bit too much. Lets see if I can do it in 3!

Hop over to my Project List for a little peek at the art work as well as the other project I've been distracting myself with lately.

OH another thing you'll see on the Project List is my newest hoddies, 86ed.