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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ahh Back to Work

So today begins my "work" week... My goals this week are to get this printing operation up and running. I still have a few minor set backs to overcome such as not having proper drainage in the utility sink and a computer i want to hit every time I use it. I'm still slowing working on my business plan. I hate writing it, but I need more money and in order to get a business loan I need a business plan. Mayhap I'll find a way around it mayhap not. I just need to stay focused.

Now since today is Wednesday, I'm off to paint a watercolour. A few weeks ago I gave myself a challenge to paint 25 watercolours in 25 weeks. I started April 18th and will "end" the week of October 3rd. I'm going to wait until Oct. before i post any of it on Etsy. I think I'll do some sort of 7 month Series special or something. Bundle all the prints from the Series with a tee-shirt of one of the top 3 paintings or something like that. We'll see. Well i gots to go if I'm going to finish a watercolour before i go to the restaurant this afternoon.

oh yeah! I now have Prints available!!! check out my Esty!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hikes and greetting cards

I don't like how fast the weeks have been going by, not one bit. Jeremy had his birthday and loved his presents i got him and am making for him. The giant kitty painting still has many hours of work left to it. He loves it and that's all that matters. IN the way of other news I had a meeting the a woman who's is staring a gay and Trans-gender greeting card company. That went very well shes going to give me some ideas to draw on sunday and we'll finalize our "contract".

Had a very nice day off with the hubby yesterday. went for a hike and had a bbq.

My brother purposed to his girlfriend friday she said YES! I will have a sister- law! I'm happy my brother found some one whos love him for who he is.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

ZOOOM! week at warp speed

This week has flown by. It really feels like it was just Sunday yesterday and here it is Sunday today. I'm waiting to the impending thunderstorm to brake. I love New England weather. Last week I had to paint with my fingerless gloves on due to the cold and today I think I'm wearing less then a pound of clothing and still sweating my ass off.

It FEELS like i spent all my time at the restaurant this week.... work sleep work sleep work sleep... i have got some other things done this week. I'm still working a way on the huge kitty painting. I also finished a new watercolour this week, which will go up for sale on my Etsy later this week. Also I found a good print shop so there will be prints of my watercolours for sale this week. It was so nice to find a shop locally that is used to dealing with artist and is will to work with you to get a product you'll be will to sell. Love It! ohh looks like tat storm might be crashing soon. gonna turn the computer off...