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Friday, July 22, 2011

Fw: Since I can't get my internet to work, it's all via mobile...

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Well I'm discovering some of the harder aspects of self publishing. Distribution. My drivearoundtoallthebookstoresandhopetheybuymybook method needs improvement, or something. That's just another way of saying my trip to Boston was not a great success. It was hot(I mean hot, like can't move without sweating kinda hot which is not good for caring books around all day), expensive, and I kept getting lost. All to sell 9 books. But I'll focus on he positive. The people who took my book seem interested in it; "That sounds cool" "These should move I'll put them over with the new comics". I also learned I need to plan better. Call all the stores I plan to visit, talk to the manager. Also when the manager isn't there, leave a book with a note and contact information. Well as soon as I get my internet working again I'll post links to the stores that are carrying Corpses & Cupcakes chapter 1.

So other then all that. I did get to visit with my bestfriend and play with her puppy( who is still just all mouth and ears from what I can tell). I also saw the cutest little bunny in the Mount Auburn Cemetery. Welp it's back to work on issue 2!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Its heeeerrree!

Well I did it. As I sit here typing a box of freshly printed comic books sits beside me.

That's right Corpses and Cupcakes Chapter 1 is out! 7 months of hard work has produced my first full length graphic novel!!! Now comes the next step; getting people to read it. Since I took the self-publishing route I need to do all the distribution myself. So that means a lot of driving in the next week, since our "local" comic book store is, oh... 45 miles away or so. I'll be posting a list of place where you can buy Corpses and Cupcakes at the end of the week. For now you can buy it from my esty CLICKHERE. A bunch of my co-works at the restaurant have already bought some. It's a great feeling to hear them ask when then next one is coming out as soon as the put it down. :) Issue 2  is already in the works, I'm still in the writing phase. I hope to cut the production time for issue 2 from 7 months to 3. I learned ALOT from this first issue which should translate into issue 2 coming out sooner. I can't wait to start drawing it.