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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gray damp and lazy

Spent the day so far drifting around from room to room in my apartment, "doing things". Cleaning up a weeks worth of pencil shavings in the studio, three days or so of dishes (done in phases) in the kitchen, napped with the cats in the living room, listening to old episodes of This American Life. Feeling lazy. I have done a bit of work. Designed a Tee-shirt, made crapes and an eggbake-thing(it's tastie even if I don't know what to call it) and finished putting together my 4colour press with my new ratchet set. Now I just need to figure out how to get water to go down the drain in the sink my Hubby put in for me a week ago. But neither of us are plumbers and are unsure of how to solve this problem. I'm wary of using my claw-foot bath tub to make my screens since I don't know what the chemicals and inks would do to it.....

My submission for the Brattleboro Comix Lab(BCX) is yet to be finished. I really want to get it done on time, but I'm not sure if I will. This deadline sunk up on me, it's due this Saturday. eecck!
I love my idea and I want to do it right. Mayhap I'll do a shorter version, and revisit the idea when i have the luxury of time and space.

Started a birthday present for my Hubby, its a 48"x24" painting of a giant demon/ghost cat watching 3 other smaller kitty's dance a round a fire. It wont be done for his birthday(which is May 8th) but he doesn't care, he's just happy that I'm painting this for him.

I sometimes look at a drawing and remember or at lest have an impression of what I was listening to while I was drawing it(not so much paintings tho, I think its all the layers). So I am painting this one while listening only to Sherlock Homes stories. So far looking and the unfinished piece i can "see" the stories woven in to the paint. But the thing is far from done. But...when I'm finished will I look at the painting and think of dancing cats or Homes?

Well on that note. I think I shall leave the interewbs and paint a bit while I still have some natural light.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Part 2: err a little late

Well I had planned on doing this later Sunday, but I drank my birthday present from my friend. A lovely Aligaster white beer(omonomnom) and did not realize until too late it was 11% alcohol! : ) soooo I was a bit tipsy considering I drank the whole thing in a little under an hour... and yesterday I build a table!

ahhh so any how... I had a good Birthday last Wednesday. I did have to work at the restaurant, but had a good time anyways. My Hubby had decorated my studio with pink streamers and balloons the nite before (so I saw it when I got home from work) it was very sweet. Had my favorite breakfast of pie and sausages, and spend my birthday gift on lots-o-books and a ray gun. It's nice to feel so loved by your friends and family. All and all it was a good birthday.

I got my LLC paperwork back FINIALY . SO introducing Neronski Designs LLC !!! One step closer to doing what I really want to do.

i forget now what else i was so eager to blog about. oh well, I'm off to enjoy the sliver of the day i have left before work

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Blog in two parts: PART 1"Kittypuss" for my Jenny

SO Kittypuss is done.
This is mine and my hubby's favorite painting this year(so far). And I'm not even going to keep it. This is a gift to my best friend Jenny for her birthday. So....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!! Here is your gift... dissected!
First i was just a scribble in a notebook that
turn to a sketch on canvas
then the paint..
And now all done:
Loves ya Jenny!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring has sprung and works getting done

ugh! Where to start. I've been busy like always. I'm looking forward to the day when I can just consecrate on art, more and more these days. The restaurant has been a very busy and stressful place lately. Painful too, since I messed my back up, but that seems to be getting better. I like cooking and I'm good at it, but it wares on me. I'd much rather be painting, it makes me much happier. Speaking of paintings! I'm nearly done with Kittypuss. I think this is my fav so far this year. I've been taking pictures at each stage of the painting and will post a little "from sketch to finished piece" thing when I'm done.

Comic Update: Trees and Hills are taking orders for their latest anthology PLAY. I'm thrilled. This is the first time I'll have had anything published! The BagLady written by Jason Knopp is now finished. Its only a two pager, but I'm satisfied with it. Next up is my yet untitled submission for The Brattleboro Comix Labs first publication The B-Files.
And just for fun Pez-a-saorus' first comic:
Pez is such a great kitty and quite a character to live with.

I don't know why she was rubbing on my desk, mayhap she was happy that I was drawing a comic about her...

littleINK is coming along slowly but surely. I have a woman who works with micro-business helping me write my business plan. Its a pain but a necessary evil if people are ever going to give me money to get this thing off the ground.

The weather the past week has been beautiful! The leafs are budding , flowers are out! I love it! Its been so nice to have all the windows open and let the stale winter air out of the apartment. Also did a little BBQn' NomNOMNOm!!!!