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Monday, October 12, 2009

coffee with the little neighbors

Having a bit of breakfast with the little neighbors(squirrels that live in our roof). They're nomming on stale crackers while I have my coffee. Pez is a bit upset that I won't let her on the table, she wants to get at them so badly.

Its a beautiful fall day and hopefully I won't spend all of it in side. I have the next 3 days off from the restaurant. I need it, I burned the palm of my hand the pad of my thumb and my eyelid in the past 3days! The eyelids a weird place to get burned, I know. Which makes me think I offended some kitchen gremlin or some thing. The eye?! Really?! You've no idea how much that sucks, it is such a strange sensation to ice your eye.

Ill be attending my first comic book jam this evening. I'm exsided and a little nervous. I'm just starting out in this field and have nothing published or even finished for that matter. but I do think its important to make some connections in the art community here in town. It'll give me a good opportunity to sit down with James and finish our discussion on screen printing. And I enjoy talking with other artist. Sometimes I feel alone, I think its due to the isolating work of an artist. Hours and hours in the studio.... Anyhoo speaking of work there's a painting in need of finishing.