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Friday, January 15, 2010

Drawing on the B-side

The little house-sitting adventure is nearly at its end. Thank god! It's quit odd living in someone else home, seeing how they live without them being there. I've come to realized over these past weeks that I no longer want to live in the woods. I like not having to structure my day around a "trip in to town". I allso really, really miss my cats.

So monday we had our fourth comicbook lab meeting(we're still working on a name for our group, I kinda like The B-side Comics Lab). It was a good meeting, we did a sort of show and tell with what we are all working on and got some constructive feed back. P3 went over very well, people seemed to get what was going on even with out the lettering done. We also talked about the publication our group wants to put out and set a deadline for submissions. The publication will be called The B-files and will be a compilation of mini-comics all set in Brattleboro and the surrounding area, and the deadline for submissions is May 1st. I love our little comic group, its great to get together with fellow artist and talk shop, help each other problem solve, and have son one other then your self monitoring your progress. Its also just good to have a time each month just purely dedicated to our projects. Speaking of projects, I'm 6 pages into the pencils for P3. I think that's pretty good.

well back to work... :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Its the beginning of a new year, hell a new decade. There is so much personally and professionally that i hope to accomplish. Currently I'm house-sitting for my boss, who is in Costa Rica. He has a lovely home, but its in the middle of nowhere. This comes at a good time since the lead paint is being removed from our apartment and we can't be there. I just hope they finish before he gets back from vacation, if not i guess we'll have to couch surf for a while.

All this time way from my home (and kitties! I miss them so!) and with out the distraction of any of my other projects is allowing me to concentrate on Project3. So far the rough draft is pages away from being done and I have 3 pages of pencils completed. Jason and I really need to come up with a title for it, Project3 is fine for a working title, but it will not work for the actual title. He is looking into publishing cost and whatnot so I can focus on getting the first issue completed soon. I really hope to have this published by summer time.
Well on that note I should get to work.

oh yeah! I made myself an Etsy store. I only have 3 items for sale at the moment, but will post a bunch more in Febuary when I return home. Check it out at it takes a few minutes to sign up for an account but it is worth it and its free!