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Monday, July 18, 2011

Its heeeerrree!

Well I did it. As I sit here typing a box of freshly printed comic books sits beside me.

That's right Corpses and Cupcakes Chapter 1 is out! 7 months of hard work has produced my first full length graphic novel!!! Now comes the next step; getting people to read it. Since I took the self-publishing route I need to do all the distribution myself. So that means a lot of driving in the next week, since our "local" comic book store is, oh... 45 miles away or so. I'll be posting a list of place where you can buy Corpses and Cupcakes at the end of the week. For now you can buy it from my esty CLICKHERE. A bunch of my co-works at the restaurant have already bought some. It's a great feeling to hear them ask when then next one is coming out as soon as the put it down. :) Issue 2  is already in the works, I'm still in the writing phase. I hope to cut the production time for issue 2 from 7 months to 3. I learned ALOT from this first issue which should translate into issue 2 coming out sooner. I can't wait to start drawing it.

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